Tajikistan is shelling the surroundings of Batken with multiple rocket launchers? True

A video of the shelling with the use of multiple rocket launchers (MLRS) has appeared in the Telegram news channels. According to the description, it is the Tajik side shelling Kyrgyz territories.

Considering the tense situation due to another armed border conflict, Factcheck.kg editorial staff has checked this information.

As it turned out, this video was published in the news feed of the official Telegram channel of the State Border Guard Service of the Kyrgyz Republic.

The border guards confirm that Tajik troops are shelling Kyrgyz territories using multiple rocket launchers. The video clearly shows Tajik servicemen and people in civilian clothes near the MLRS.

The area around Batken airport and facilities on the outskirts of the city were shelled by Tajik MLRS. Civilian infrastructure facilities in Batken have been destroyed.

It is known that on September 14, there were three shootings on the Kyrgyz-Tajik border in the Batken region. In the morning, Kyrgyz border guards discovered a Tajik border guard unit in the Bulak-Bashi area of Batken District. Soldiers of the neighboring country took up combat positions on an undescribed section of the state border. The Kyrgyz border guards’ demands to leave the area were ignored. The Tajik border guards opened fire. Kyrgyz servicemen also responded with using weapons. The third exchange of fire occurred in the Pasky-Aryk area.

Conclusion: true. The Tajik military is shelling Kyrgyz territory with rocket systems.