About us

The Public Foundation “Media Development Center” was created to promote freedom of speech in Kyrgyzstan through the formation of a more responsible attitude of media representatives to their activities by introducing high journalistic standards; participation in the formation of effective and constructive media legislation; increasing the level of media literacy of the population, including critical thinking and perception of news and information; developing a culture of fact-checking and using a variety of sources of information.

In 2018, the “Media Development Center” has launched a unique project Factcheck.kg – an independent online platform, the main purpose of which is to check and refute inaccurate information, manipulation and propaganda. The uniqueness of the project lies in the fact that Factcheck.kg is the first and only fact-checking resource in Kyrgyzstan. With the launch of the online platform Factcheck.kg, a new genre of journalism called “fact-checking” has become popular and in demand. Just a couple of years ago, a few specialists in Kyrgyzstan knew what a fact-check was. There was no clear methodology and format for the fact-checking genre. Today, thanks to the project, the word “fact-check” has already entered the vocabulary of journalists, there is an understanding of this journalistic format. The number of materials based on information verification and fact-checking tools has increased in the media. Moreover, the circle of fact-checkers has expanded, and later also media outlets that disseminate and implement information verification skills in the media environment.

It is also worth noting that the “Media Development Center” PF has passed the state registration of the intellectual property object – the trademark “Factcheck.kg” in the State Register of Trademarks of the Kyrgyz Republic in 2020.

The Factcheck.kg team consists of professional journalists with rich experience in covering various socially significant topics in social, economic, political, cultural and other spheres of life.

Editorial structure:

Yaroslav Tartykov – the Editor

Asel Sooronbaeva – the Editor of the Kyrgyz version

Elizaveta Umurzakova – the Editor of the Russian version

Argen Kamaldinov – journalist-factchecker

Ruslan Tartykov – journalist-factchecker

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The concept of the Factcheck.kg project.


Counteracting post-truth politics and increasing the level of media information literacy and critical thinking in Kyrgyzstan, namely:

  • in the professional media environment – production and distribution of high-quality reliable information;
  • in the consumer environment – instilling a culture of conscious and critical perception of information.

The goal:

Fight against false information, information manipulation and propaganda, as well as the distribution of high-quality and reliable content.


  • reducing the manipulative impact of fake news through regular monitoring and verification of socially significant and high-profile news, facts, figures, as well as statements of public figures for reliability;
  • publication of the “verdict” of the editorial board – a lie, true, half-truth, manipulation, without a verdict – with a description of the verification methodology and the provision of evidence;
  • Conducting an information campaign to increase media information literacy among the population.


Financial support:

The editorial staff of Factcheck.kg is an independent platform and categorically refuses proposals to post information with elements of propaganda and advertising in articles, as well as any other illegal information in nature. Our project does not bound by any contractual or oral obligations with government bodies, companies of the pseudo-government sector and commercial organizations.

Financial support for the project is/was provided by:

Soros Foundation-Kyrgyzstan

Internews Network in Kyrgyzstan

Democracy Commission of the US Embassy in Kyrgyzstan

Canada Fund for Local Initiatives