Kyrgyz soldiers have destroyed the homes of civilians? Not true

Information that Kyrgyz soldiers have destroyed the homes of civilians in Tajikistan is spreading on social networks. Pictures were also attached to the publication. 

Text in the photo: What happened yesterday on the border and what the fascist Kyrgyz soldiers did against the civilian population is an international crime. We must not leave this bloodshed of the fascist Kyrgyzs alone. The nomadic Kyrgyzs must answer for all their crimes. editorial staff have checked the information.

To find out if the information was accurate or not, we selectively checked the pictures, where and when they were taken.

A photo search on Yandex showed that this picture was taken by On June 27 this year, in Vorukh, there was a powerful mudflow, which caused flooding.

A devastating flood damaged the roads and homes of residents. In addition, water overflowed the canal and entered homes, causing property damage.

“According to residents, the natural disaster occurred in the village of Khushobod jamoat Vorukh in Isfara,” the news agency reports.

Tajik media outlet Asia-Plus used the following image to illustrate the victims of military operations in Afghanistan in 2018.

Conclusion: not true, manipulation. Social network user Martaba Sultonzoda used old photos that the media had published on completely different topics.