Kyrgyzstan’s military forcing civilians to fight? Not true

A “breaking news” was published by the ‘Tajikistan News’ page in Facebook telling that according to a certain “Asanbai Berdiyarav” (spelling and punctuation preserved here and below – ed.) “in the night of September 16 around 01:20 a group of soldiers arrived to their village in a truck full of weapons and military uniforms. Later with the help of the head of their district they gathered old, middle-aged and young people and said that “the early morning we would attack Tajikistan and your task is to kill the citizens and usurp the communities of Chorkuh and Vorukh”… Having distributed weapons and clothes, they pointed at us and told us to take off our beards and make ourselves look like guards. And a policeman named Arapbay laughingly told us that if we won, each of you would be given 5,000 soms. After we gathered, he called someone and said: Comrade Lieutenant General Kamchibek Tashiev, our front numbered 194 men, including senior, middle, and young men, hung up, saying that we were ready for your combat mission. Then we found out that all these wars were being fought under his leadership“.

A picture of an elderly Kyrgyz man in an Ak-Kalpak with the words “Asanbai Berdyarav” was enclosed to the post.

The editorial staff of checked this information and tried to find out who is  the person on the picture.

A search by name and surname yielded no results. Not a single user with the name Asanbai Berdyarav or Asanbai Berdyarov in the Internet.

But a search by photo immediately turned up links to publications where the image of this man had already been used. It turned out that the first publications dated back to January 2013.

At the Apricity forum, in the thread “Turanid racial type Turks”, it was stated – Kyrgyz of Cromagnoid-C and Cromagnoid-C+Turanid mix.

Also the residence of this man was indicated as Murghab, Tajikistan.

Recall that Murghab village is in Eastern Tajikistan and is the administrative center of Murghab district of Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Oblast. It is quite far from the Kyrgyz border. There was no way the Kyrgyz military could get into this village.

Conclusion: It’s not true. The information published by Tajikistan News does not correspond to reality and is used to aggravate the already tense situation at the border.