Tajik media uses pseudo-expert for disinformation

Tajik media outlet Avesta.tj reported that the “provocations” arranged by Kyrgyzstan on the border with Tajikistan are a maneuver to distract the attention of Kyrgyz citizens from the confrontation between Sadyr Japarov and Kamchybek Tashiyev.

The editorial board of Factcheck.kg found out what was wrong in the news of this media outlet.

The news quotes an expert Maksud Valiev. He is presented as a “Tajik expert” but does not specify in what field. Besides, there is no photo of this expert in the news.

The editorial board of Factcheck.kg decided to find out who this person was. However, we could not find anyone with this name and surname in open sources.

He was first mentioned by the Tajik news agency Avesta.tj.

The publication itself was founded in 2004. In the beginning, the site existed on grants from international organizations.

In 2011, the agency was transferred to Mukhammad-Bilol LLC free of charge, whose owner is the current editor-in-chief of the newspaper Business and Politics, Jamshed Ulmasov.

After the change of ownership Avesta.tj was accused of being pro-Russian. Today the site has a Russian-language version only.

It should be noted that before the change of owner the agency was known for its critical articles on the political and economic problems of society.

According to the SCNS Border Guard Service, the conflict began on September 14 in the Bulak-Bashi area of the Batken region, where an exchange of fire broke out.

Soldiers of the neighboring country took up combat positions on an undescribed section of the state border.

“Ignoring the Kyrgyz side’s demands to leave the territory, the Tajik border guards opened fire. The Kyrgyz border guards also used weapons in response. An exchange of fire began, during which the Tajik side used mortars. 

Conclusion: manipulation using the concept of “anonymous authority. One of the most effective methods of influencing readers’ opinions is to appeal to authority.